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RHEINZINK- producer of titanium zinc for roofing, facade cladding and roof drainage systems, very suitable as a modern material both for restoration as like for new construction.

About us

RHEINZINK is the world’s leading german manufacturer of titanium zinc products.

For over 50 years the RHEINZINK has produced top-quality titanium zinc at its Datteln site offering different surface qualities. The applications for RHEINZINK titanium zinc include roofing, roof dormers, facade cladding and roof drainage systems.

RHEINZINK is very popular as a modern material very well is suitable both for restoration of objects of historical heritage and for new construction. RHEINZINK, as Europe's first manufacturer of zinc for use as a building material, replaced the traditional pack-rolling process with a brand-new technology, the wide-strip casting and rolling mill as like the pre-weathering technique.

International architects opt for RHEINZINK to give perfect expression to their designs. Titanium-zinc RHEINZINK is very durable (service life up to 100 years), does not require maintenance and repair. Warranty- 40 years.

A wide range of color surfaces are offered by PRISMO, artCOLOR, GRANUM product lines.

The company advises on the design and application of the material.

Bahnhofstr. 90
45711 Datteln

Phone: +7 9166 389784
Internet: www.rheinzink.de

Contact person

Leonid Golovanov | Леонид Голованов
Managing director
Phone: +74957752235
proezd Serebrjakova 14B
129343 Moscow

Phone: +7 4957 752235
Internet: www.rheinzink.ru

Products and Services

zinc roof systems: double standing seam, angled standing seam, click roll caps, flat lock tiles.

zinc cladding facade systems: Seam (angled standing seam systems and flat lock tiles), Panel (reveal panels, horizontal panels, shiplap panels), Cassette and Profile.

gutters and roof drainage systems

Roofing accessories: snow guard systems, clips, structured underlays

semi-finished products (coils and sheets):

  • metal thicknesses range from 0.65 mm to 1.0 mm (up to 1.5 mm on request)

  • Sheets up to 6 m long

  • Coils up to 5 tons

    Various surface designs can be created, such as perforated panels or embossed sheets - expanded metals. Various hole shapes and sizes available upon request.

    Product lines:

  • prePATINA: pre-weathering surface in zinc-typical patina in blue-grey or graphite-grey colour

  • CLASSIC: bright rolled, natural, patinates over the years

  • artCOLOR: PVDF-coating surface in 7 colours

  • GRANUM: phosphated surface: skygrey and basalte

  • PRISMO: semi-transparency colour-coated surface in 6 colour nuances.

bright rolled, natural surface, patinates over the years.
Original, natural and established: RHEINZINK-CLASSIC bright rolled has more than proven itself for over 50 years. Depending on the climatic conditions, the initially shiny metallic surface gradually develops a velvety blue-grey patina which gives each building charisma and an individual character. Useable for all plumbing work involving seaming and soldering techniques, the surface offers a perfect symbiosis of tradition and modernity.

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RHEINZINK prePATINA blue-grey, graphite-grey

Environmentally friendly, life cycle 100 years or more.
Does not require repair and maintenance.

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RHEINZINK is expanding its range of high-quality surface finishes by adding two phosphated variants: GRANUM skygrey and GRANUM basalte. The grey and reduced elegance of GRANUM skygrey appears aesthetic, authentic and self-sufficient. As a dark grey, almost black version, GRANUM basalte gives a puristic, professional and precise look.

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News & Innovations


Historical building with zinc roof gleams with a new splendour.

Although zinc was only first established as a metal in Europe at the beginning of the 17th century, it was quickly adopted in vernacular architecture. The most important German architect of the 19th century, Karl Friedrich Schinkel, designed buildings using zinc for covers, flashing, ornamentation and roofing.

Since then, many historical buildings have been built with zinc roofs that have fulfilled their visual and technical functions for numerous decades. Today, these historic buildings must be refurbished in compliance with heritage conservation standards.
Zinc should be left as nature intended!

There is no doubt that cheaper roofing materials are now available. These have a poorer ecological footprint and use artificial coatings to imitate the appearance of zinc for a certain time. However, in the long run, they will be recognised for the cheap solutions that they are.

For instance, when refurbishing the Flora building in Cologne, the decision was made to replace the roof with a real zinc roof, as in the refurbishment of many other listed buildings. Flora is the modern name for the glass palace built around 150 years ago that forms the centrepiece of the Cologne Botanical gardens.

The building was originally constructed in glass and iron. After its destruction in the Second World War, sufficient funds were not available to rebuild the building in its original form. Instead, the Flora was given a utilitarian tiled roof and was later used as a banqueting hall.

Thanks to the accurate and detailed refurbishment of this zinc roof, the Cologne Flora will be enjoyed by many generations to come. The Flora building will tower over the botanical gardens for another 150 years as a testimony to 19th-century history and culture.

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At the end of the 1980s, RHEINZINK was the only manufacturer to develop the so-called pre-weathering process.

The zinc-typical patina in blue-grey or graphite-grey is already delivered ex-works, and thus replaces the natural process which often takes years.

The trick: During the pickling process, the natural surface properties are retained and the surface remains solderable.

Another excellent trait is the self-rectifying effect of the high-quality material; (assembly-related) scratches are levelled out during the natural patina formation.

Environmentally-friendly and maintenance-free, the prePATINA line, with its effective accents, is the perfect surface for a flawless building.

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RHEINZINK is expanding its range of high-quality surface finishes by adding two phosphated variants: GRANUM skygrey and GRANUM basalte. The grey and reduced elegance of GRANUM skygrey appears aesthetic, authentic and self-sufficient. As a dark grey, almost black version, GRANUM basalte gives a puristic, professional and precise look.

The straightforward grey tones allow room for efficient individuality and modern, transparent architecture.

Intelligently combined with materials such as wood, natural stone, plaster or glass surfaces they create artful, clear contrasts and spark visions of an urban design far beyond the mainstream. New opportunities open up for positioning objects with an unique character in a contemporary context.

The skygrey and basalte surfaces in the GRANUM product line perfectly complement RHEINZINK’s existing product range. The noble, matt appearance is achieved by phosphating the surfacebased on state-of-the-art and environment-friendly production technology. The phosphate layer is long-lasting, weather-resistant and sustainable, and implies the characteristic texture of natural patina once installed. Further reading

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